Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wanting to be loved by someone, but learning to be satisfied only in God's love is a life long journey...a process often accomplished over the span of years and completed only when we see the face of our Savior in the glory of Heaven. Why? We were created to be relational by our loving Maker. He designed us to love and be loved. In Adam's loneliness, God brought him a helper. God placed relationship into this world to satisfy the natural longing of soul, yet sometimes those natural longings go unmet. Somehow we learn to live with unmet needs, then see with fresh eyes how God meets those needs in ways we could never ourselves fathom. The Lover of our souls loves us unconditionally and unreservedly, and is the only satisfaction to our inner longings for relationship, yet He gives us the command to "love one another" wholeheartedly. Then through our love, the world around us will begin to know Him and learn to be loved by this truest Lover of souls.

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Stephie said...

Jackie the Lord Jesus is truly the Lover of your Soul. Stretch yourself out in His arms and allow Him to speak to the lonely places in your heart. His love is perfect and eternal. I love you dear friend.
-Stephanie xo