Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wanting to be loved by someone, but learning to be satisfied only in God's love is a life long journey...a process often accomplished over the span of years and completed only when we see the face of our Savior in the glory of Heaven. Why? We were created to be relational by our loving Maker. He designed us to love and be loved. In Adam's loneliness, God brought him a helper. God placed relationship into this world to satisfy the natural longing of soul, yet sometimes those natural longings go unmet. Somehow we learn to live with unmet needs, then see with fresh eyes how God meets those needs in ways we could never ourselves fathom. The Lover of our souls loves us unconditionally and unreservedly, and is the only satisfaction to our inner longings for relationship, yet He gives us the command to "love one another" wholeheartedly. Then through our love, the world around us will begin to know Him and learn to be loved by this truest Lover of souls.

Monday, April 5, 2010

"To Make a Home"
by Lon Woodrum

It takes a heart to make a home,
A heart that's warm and strong;
A heart with strength to live and love
And ever keep its song;
A heart that flings the door back wide
To all that's true and right,
But has the courage to withstand
The wrong with all its might.

It takes a smile to make a home,
A smile that's warm and real;
A smile that will not fade and die
When fortune draws its steel.
A smile that, when the dark comes down
And stars no longer gleam,
Will lift a lamp against the night
And kindle one more dream.

It takes a faith to make a home;
A faith that's warm and sure,
That seeks the power of Him who makes
The human spirit pure;
A faith which enemies of life
Can never overcome-
It takes a heart, a smile, a faith
In God to make a home.

Inspiring photo found at House to Home via The Inspired Room.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

"I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4

It is the deepest desire of my heart for my children to know and love their Lord and Savior personally. I work hard to introduce Him to them, to point Him out in all the wonders of creation, to acknowledge His provisions in their daily lives, but I am struck by one idea. They must make that relationship their own. They must come to the Lord of the universe themselves and bend their knees and acknowledge Him as Lord of their own lives. As much as I wish I could make this decision for them, I cannot. It must be theirs and theirs alone. So when my dear third child decided in child faith to give his life to Jesus, my heart overflowed with exuberant joy. He had been contemplating for some time this One who came to die for him, asking questions, seeking. Then one evening after having watched a local performance of the death and resurrection of Jesus, he quietly committed his heart to Jesus. He approached me later and explained what had happened in his dear little heart with the words, "I am different now." It is true. He is different. Sure he is still a little boy, with much growing into maturity yet to take place, but there is evidence of the miracle of salvation within his heart. That miracle is refreshing. It gives great hope and reminds me of the wonder of a changed life, a life rising from the ruins into a something beautiful beyond comprehension, the most beautiful ruins of all!