Monday, April 5, 2010

"To Make a Home"
by Lon Woodrum

It takes a heart to make a home,
A heart that's warm and strong;
A heart with strength to live and love
And ever keep its song;
A heart that flings the door back wide
To all that's true and right,
But has the courage to withstand
The wrong with all its might.

It takes a smile to make a home,
A smile that's warm and real;
A smile that will not fade and die
When fortune draws its steel.
A smile that, when the dark comes down
And stars no longer gleam,
Will lift a lamp against the night
And kindle one more dream.

It takes a faith to make a home;
A faith that's warm and sure,
That seeks the power of Him who makes
The human spirit pure;
A faith which enemies of life
Can never overcome-
It takes a heart, a smile, a faith
In God to make a home.

Inspiring photo found at House to Home via The Inspired Room.

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