Monday, January 4, 2010

Project Fifty-Two

Each new year brings with it wonderful musings of thoughts, goals, ideas for the upcoming months. It creates a time to think and pray about what of the past needs to be dropped, and what of the future must be accomplished. After much musing, I conclude the same thing each year. No matter where life's road turns, I have one desire: to know the Maker of my entire being more deeply and to be filled with His pleasant aroma which can then overflow into the lives of my children and the people around me. The simple goal of knowing Him and teaching my little ones of His wonders puts all other things into perspective.

That being said, I have put together somewhat of a practical wish list of things I would like to do in the year 2010, not resolutions, just wishes. As I began to compile the list, it grew and grew until I finally decided to limit it to fifty-two. One wish fulfilled for each week of the year. Feel free to walk with me as I take baby steps towards order and beauty and the cultivation of art and soul. I would even love to see your wish list of fifty-two.

1. Paint the family room and office.
2. Post fifty-two blog posts.
3. Complete the reading of my chronological Bible.
4. Read a classic.
5. Sew a lap quilt.
6. Explore downtown Denver.
7. Hang curtains in the family room.
8. Organize photos.
9. Finish a puzzle.
10. Study a book on photography.
11. Eat a cupcake at Happy Cakes.
12. Learn how to make Beef Wellington.
13. Study the manual for my camera.
14. Develop portrait photography skills.
15. Plant Zinnias.
16. Hike the Incline.
17. Get away alone with my husband.
18. Arrange a performance by my children for a retirement home.
19. Customize a slipcover for my sofa.
20. Improve my low light photography abilities.
21. Construct cupcake boxes for Valentine's Day.
22. Grow Daisies.
23. Have tea in Monument.
23. Travel with the family to Glenwood Springs.
24. Complete the family picture/art wall.
25. Go camping.
26. Sew pillows.
27. Fit into my favorite black skirt (sit-ups required).
28. Organize my creative space.
29. Paint the girl's dresser.
30. Learn to bake artisan breads.
31. Develop my own signature cupcakes.
32. Remodel the extra bathroom.
33. Remove the wallpaper in the master bathroom.
34. Hang towel hooks.
35. Narrate aloud The Hobbit to the boys.
36. Read a book (or two, or three, or four) by George MacDonald.
37. Visit an art museum as a family.
38. Paint the back entryway white.
39. Make a toy theater out of a moving box with the children.
40. Customize my own blog page design....MAJOR learning curve.
41. Run a 5K.
42. Host a gathering for the neighborhood women.
43. Sew a new apron.
44. Peruse and collect books of great artists.
45. Start a family nature journal.
46. Sew messenger bags with the girls.
47. Braid a rag rug.
48. De-clutter the office.
49. Stencil a sign.
50. Create a custom wardrobe from bargain, vintage finds.
51. Enjoy recommended books from Read for the Heart.
52. Above all, know the Master Creator of my soul.


Wortmans said...

You've got me thinking.....I don't know if I'll come up with 52, but having some dreams for the year, and seeing them transpire as they may would add a little gloss to life's monotony! I'm with you on the camera manual...and for me it's getting beyond the name and e-mail on my Mac...I know there's more than meets the eye there! Keep're inspiring!
~ Jenny

Trudy Callan said...

What a great idea to make a sort of check list of dreams and then go down the list.

Stephie said...

Go for it girl! Big plans but if we don't think big then we might not get much of anything done. Hope you conquer your list of 52!! You've got some fun & creatives times ahead in this new year. Enjoy!! xo