Thursday, July 23, 2009

Books, Stories, the Ultimate Story

In my home, books are beloved possessions. They get handled, read, loved daily. They carry my children on far away adventures, or teach them some new skill. They introduce young minds to the world of art, words, architecture, geography, and so much more. They are ready companions on a quiet day to both young and old alike. The words on their pages jump out and catch the attention of even a very young mind. They make an impact on use of words, creativity, and so much more. How grateful I am for the world of books, for their ability to say something to the soul of a child better than I can.

You see, I believe we are people of story. We love stories. We love to read them, tell them, hear them. We love to imagine our lives in them. Sometimes we love to hear the same story over and over again. For this reason, I love to find books that tell stories with deeper hidden truths. But more than that I love to tell the story of God to my children. You see, His story is the ultimate truth, and we are a part of it. It began in the beginning with His marvelous creation and carries on through time to today. It is a story of how He loves us and interacts with us. It is a story of Him as Creator of our very being, Father of our child heart, Shepherd over our wayward wandering, and Lover of our soul. It is the most amazing story ever told, and it never grows old.

The amazing thing about this story is that I know the Author. I met Him as a young child, and through the years have grown to know Him more. As I have grown to know Him, I have grown to love Him, and now long for each of my children to know Him. I want them to know that He is not a dry dictator full of rules and regulations, but rather the most intimate Friend they could ever have. I want them to hear His story over and over again, not as a tale of events of long ago, but as a living active story that they are a part of today. Then they, too, may love the Author and be filled with passion to share His story with the broken world around them.

I love the idea of sorting books by color. Perhaps then they might get put back on the shelf in the right place by my children. The inspiring collage was found at OhBrooke and the photo at HGTV.


Kim said...

And I must have my books sorted by subject and by author (alphabetical, of course) and then they slowly get mixed up as I pull out first one and then another and don't return them to their rightful spot, or don't have room to stick the newest in their order, so this process is repeated a couple of times a year. I could NEVER sort by color. It would drive me mad.

Jacqueline said...

It's funny how my brain works in color. I remember what color a book is, so as long as it gets returned to the proper color shelf, I can find it. No more searching for old favorites in my house because my children now know where to return a book. (They seem to think in color as well.)