Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer Musings

Summer and all of its wonders are nearing an end. As I write, I hear raindrops on the rooftop and my mind wanders to the incredible memories of lazy days, long hikes, late night movies, and dances on the beach. It has truly been a season of much needed rest. The days to unwind began with a long anticipated family reunion in Alabama. Cousins played in the shade of the trees and prepared summer concerts as adults sipped iced tea on Jenny's lovely southern front porch. Our reunion then moved on to Florida in a fifteen passenger van cramped with giggles and all the gear needed to enjoy our stay at the beach. We arrived at a lovely hotel and quickly found ourselves immersed in the wonders of the ocean. Upon our first excursion into the waters, we found an overpopulation of jellyfish. But this did not dampen our spirits, and soon all of the cousins were catching the creatures in nets supplied by Mama and Papa. The sounds of crashing waves and children's giggles are still imprinted upon my memory. When I consider the vastness of the ocean, my heart sings "How Great Is Our God." How incredible the thought, the One who made all of these wonders seeks a relationship with me. The God who made stars in the heavens so immense that earth is but dust in comparison, came to earth to die so that I could know Him intimately. Considering it causes my heart to swell with joy and my to feet dance in freedom. Like a little child, I bask in the wonder of my Father's love, and pray I will never lose that childish heart towards Him.

Thanks Mama and Papa for a wonderful trip.


Anonymous said...

I luv, luv, luv your blog! And of course the pix are precious. Love, Jan (Mom R.)

Kim & Dave said...

Isn't this fun, Jackie! Love your blog!

Love the pics!!

Looks like you all had such a good time!

(& no, the view from the Dining Hall never changes. I think that's why I like it so much!)

Jenny said...

What a great idea, Jackie! I look forward to "peeking" into your world each week! We sure enjoyed our time with you guys, and already miss you! Your new blog reflects you quite well...good work!

Jo said...

What a beautiful haven you've created here; I'm linking to you in hopes that others may enjoy your beautiful ruins (what an appropriate, creative name!) and learn something from the writer inside of you... I know I'VE walked away with a great deal of beauty tonight. ;)

A &J said...

Hey! You've done a lovely job creating this blog. I'm excited to check back regularly.
One reason I continue to blog is to document our life. I hope to get it made into a book someday.
It looks like your time in FL was wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Jackie, you are a beautiful writer! The expression of your soul is so wonderful! Keep it up, nurture it and let it flow out of you. Love from your sis