Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday To My Little Boy

Childhood is such a wondrous time of beauty and joy. Although it passes all too quickly, I savor the moments to celebrate it. I cherish its hugs and kisses. I marvel at its simple pleasures. There is such beauty in the simplicity of these days of play. To watch as little hands spend hours arranging and caring for their new "animal" friends brings both delight and satisfaction to my soul. What will these little hands grow up to to? Who will they bless? Ah, may they be hands that raise in adoration to the Heavenly Father and hands that stretch out to comfort weary souls.


Anonymous said...

How A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!! Benjamin is already blessing us with his loving and expressive personality. is a genuine joy to watch these precious minds fall in love with their Creator, Heavenly Father, and all He has given in the world to spark their "awe" of Him through the animal kingdom. Happy Birthday little 4 yr. old! Thanks for sharing, Papa & Mama Rowland

Becky said...

I will echo your prayers sweet mother. These are the best years! It does go too fast so savor every moment and pray every night with your little one.
I saw your post on Rachael Ashwell and just thought you also decorated Shabby Chic style like me.
My hubby is a fishing captain and I am of course lace...laceandlures.

Jacqueline said...

Welcome to my blog, Becky. I do love to decorate with an eclectic mix of cottage, Shabby Chic, flea market finds, with some modern twists thrown in. When I started blogging, I did not realize there was this world of Shabby Chic and Cottage bloggers. I love it!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful account of Benjamin's growing talents! I love your accounts and your writing style. Also the pictures of your family on vacation are works of art!
Keep it up Jackie, these are precious moments shared.
Aunt Bonnie

Sally Clarkson said...

I so rarely have time to look at other blogs, but just looking at your side bar helps me to know we are kindred spirits. Pilgrim Inn is such a picture of redeeming lives. George MacDonald--the best! And so many of your other choices. I know your soul is rich. May God continue to bless you as you seek Him and as you invest in the development of souls.
Grace and peace.

Jacqueline said...

Thank you, Sally, for visiting my blog. You are such an inspiration to me.