Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trifle Messes

As I stepped downstairs to tuck my precious children into bed tonight, I was greeted by a most unsightly mess. The sight of books flung across the room, tinker toys and matchbox cars strewn underfoot, and clothes mounded into unkempt piles was enough to rattle my already very tired nerves. After digging through the chaos to find my son's bed, I found myself lecturing (nagging) my poor, unsuspecting little disciples. In a huff, I plopped myself down to pray with each one, but before the first could finish I found myself ashamed of the words I so quickly had spoken. The day had been very busy, full of mommy projects that tore my time away from them. As Abigail and I organized school supplies, cleaned backpacks, washed uniforms, etc., the younger three created stores full of wonders and trinkets in their bedrooms. They unloaded dressers to create a clothing boutique. They gathered books from throughout the house to host their own "Barnes and Noble" bookstore. They emptied toy bins to showcase in their unique toy store. They raided the monopoly game of all its paper money, and set up for a grand time. In all honesty, they were occupied for hours without grumbling or fighting with one another, yet I chose to focus on the mess instead of their pleasant spirit of unity and creativity. Quickly, I retracted the words spoken, asked for forgiveness of my selfish attitude, and promised to help them clean it up in the morning. Wearily, I trudged up the stairs to ponder the moments I have to spend with these dear children and reminded myself that relationships are far more valuable than finished projects and a clean home. May I not be so quick to forget this precious truth the next time my wearied soul encounters such trifle messes.


A &J said...

So well put! I love your thoughts- they strike such a chord with me. What adorable imaginations those kiddos have!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Too true!

M ^..^